Production company Mohole Srl
Director Andrea Sestu
Actors Salvatore Palombi, Marta Chiara Amabile, Yuri Casagrande Conti
Assistant Director Matteo Brizzi
DP Stefano D’Erasmo
Camera Operator Mattia Castiglia
Camera Operator Assistant Federico Ceravolo
Production Manager Maura Narducci
Editors NicolaPegg, Gemma De Domenico
Set Designer Nicola La Moglie
Screenplay by Andrea Sestu, Matteo Brizzi, Mattia Castiglia, Stefano D’Erasmo, Maura Narducci
Re-recording mixer Stefano Greco
Poems by Visar Zhiti
Casting Director Matteo Caremoli
Executive Producer Cosimo Lupo
Ending credits Martina Corradi, Chiara Elzi, Serena Berti, Fabiola Bruni, Trajanka Kirilova, Federico Mauri
Poster by Davide Nasta

2017 | 19 min | DCP 2K


Synopsis: An extremely solitary man spends most of his time working in a storehouse, where he receives and archives boxes full of books. The only breath of fresh air comes from a female courier that every week makes her deliveries. Her comings and goings will break through his past unveiling something extraordinary.